About Film Therapy

Have you ever left the cinema full of emotions, insight and inspiration? Did you want to share your impressions and feelings with someone? Did the film make you reflect on your own life experiences - struggles as well as triumphs?
Then you may be interested in taking this a step further by making use of the transformational power certain films could have for you when you take advantage of their impact.

As a young child I can still recall watching the Wizard of Oz, and being totally beguiled by Dorothys journey, as if I was also there.
I can also recall hiding behind my hands when Frankenstein came on the television and terrified that he could emerge from the screen directly into the living room!
Deborah Wilson
Deb and Dot

When the Lumiere brothers screened the first moving images in 1896 the audience was so overwhelmed by the moving image of a life-sized train coming directly at them that people screamed and ran to the back of the room.

Film has the potential for us to identify with the different elements in a profound way and it is because of this that it lends itself perfectly as a psychotherapeutic medium for change.

During the therapy breaks you will be encouraged to watch films with ‘conscious awareness’ and to utilise this within group and individual therapy to help you on your journey towards growth and change.

Both Jon and I are experienced therapists and I have an in depth knowledge of Marrakech. Although I live in England I have visited the city many times and I have chosen this as a venue for this truly unique event in recognition of its inspiritional beauty and culture.
Jon is a visiting therapist on this break.